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Synopsis:  SONGLAP ia the story of two brothers - AM (Shaheizy Sam) and AD (Shafi Carlo) who engages in baby-selling syndicate managed by a woman called MAMA. Two brothers lives are much different; AM took the opportunity to use business as a shortcut to earn money for his gambling  activities, while AD dream of a better life by joining the B-Boy dance competition. AD began to realize his dream may not be achieved after the loss of his close friends RAZAK and saw with his own eyes the fate of young girls are sold to human trafficking syndicates.

HAWA (Sara Ali), who was pregnant stuck with this syndicate, AD can not turn a blind eye to this situation again and had to race with a time to save HAWA without realizing father Eve, PAK DIN also looking child who was lost. However, good intentions AD to help HAWA has shaken the relationship with the PM, and struggle, they finally reached the banks of death. Faced with temptation and treachery, and inhibited violent thugs on the road, who would win in a bet between two brothers of this life?


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Video has remove:-L

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Video has remove :-L

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